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Incident Response, Threat Hunting, and Infosec Consulting

Response Services

The Problem: Network intrusions; breaches of sensitive, regulated, or proprietary data; hackers; malware (viruses, trojans, ransomware); insider threats, and other compromises.

Our Solutions:

  • Incident Response and Incident Management: Expert responders with advanced tools to help you investigate, contain, eradicate, and recover. Minimize the impact and cost of cybersecurity incidents and get back to business.
  • Computer and Network Forensics: Collection and analysis of disk images, memory, system artifacts, network data, and more, to support your incident response and investigation efforts.
  • Digital Investigations Support: Investigative planning, witness-device identification, open-source collection (e.g., internet, deep and dark web), log analysis, and more, to help you find the truth.

Detection Services

The Problem: Fear that security threats are not detected; concern about the effectiveness of existing infosec tools; worry about the high cost and low impact of security data.

Our Solutions:

  • Compromise Assessment (Threat Hunting): Assumed-breach assessment to find previously-undetected attackers and threats using innovative tools and techniques.
  • Data and Log Analysis Retrospective, in-depth analysis to get value from often-unused historical logs, telemetry, and security data to identify threats, misconfigurations, inefficiencies, and more.
  • SIEM and Log Aggregator Tuning Review and careful tuning of tools like ArcSight, Splunk, etc., to avoid being overwhelmed by the quantity of noisy data, to reduce the cost of storing low-quality information, and to discover real threats.

Protection Services

The Problem: Unknown security vulnerabilities, threats, and risks; inexperienced or under-trained staff; immature or ineffective infosec program; weak security controls.

Our Solutions:

  • Vulnerability Assessment: Industry-leading vulnerability scanners and analysis to find, prioritize, and report common vulnerabilities with remediation guidance to reduce infosec risk and exposure.
  • Training: One-on-one or group training for Incident Response Teams, Security Operations Center (SOC) analysts, executives, or general users to enhance the confidence, capability, and motivation of your most critical security assets.
  • Post-Incident Review and Facilitation: Trained facilitation to ensure a high-impact post-incident review, learn lessons, and use incidents to improve all aspects of information security.
  • Infosec Program, Controls, or Architecture Review: Analyze and enhance your infosec program, including philosophy, people, processes, and technology. We can also help build a program from scratch.

About Us

Security with purpose.

Counteractive Security was founded to serve—to deliver outstanding client engagement alongside technical excellence. We put our education, training, and experience to work for you, creating concrete value and mitigating risk. Your business, your mission, and your critical data are central.

Our philosophy was built through years of service in national security and law enforcement investigations, security operations centers (SOCs), incident response, and commercial consulting. We've built and improved teams large and small, assisted industries from education to finance to medicine to retail, and responded to incidents from basic malware to advanced persistent threats (APTs).

Our team maintains certifications including ISC2 Certified Information Systems Security Professional (CISSP®), GIAC Certified Forensic Analyst (GCFA), GIAC Certified Incident Handler (GCIH), and more.

If it matters to you, it's a priority for us. We look forward to helping you.